Choosing Los Cabos as your wedding destination was EASY. Now you’re getting to the hard part; choosing your venue. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be hard! If you just follow these steps, you’ll be crossing “find venue” off your list in no time!

The most important thing you want to have figured out when choosing your venue is your budget. This is really going to help narrow down the type (resort or villa) and the location of your venue in Los Cabos.

The second thing you want to keep in mind are your dates. Like all travel destinations, there are high and low travel seasons in Los Cabos. Rates are going to be higher in high season and lower in low season. If you have your heart set on a New Year’s Eve wedding, be prepared to spend about 25% more on your accommodations than you would if you were getting married on October 15th. This all goes back to knowing your budget, and the better researched your budget is, the easier this whole process is going to be for you.

And the third thing you’re going to want to know is how many people you plan to invite and how many will actually attend. There are venues to accommodate weddings of almost any size, so feel free to invite as many people as you want according to your budget. (Again, I can’t express how important it is to know your budget.) You may be surprised at how many people will RSVP “yes” to a Los Cabos wedding so keep that in mind when you’re sending out invites.

If you call me with this information, I KNOW that we can have you narrowed down to three venues in a 10 minute call. Doesn’t that sound less daunting than looking through our entire inventory of 100’s of properties to find your perfect venue?

Choosing a venue can be really stressful and I know you want this day to be a once-in-a-lifetime, magical, romantic, and unforgettable day. It’s my job to make that a reality for you. Keeping those three steps in mind, give me a call and we’ll be planning your Los Cabos wedding in no time!